LTE: Loss of Trust

In a province now dotted with yard signs, there’s one in particular that the Liberal party should take heed of: “Stop the Gov’t Sale, Save Owls Head Provincial Park.”

Premier Iain Rankin is portraying himself as the candidate who will tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. But during his tenure as minister of Lands and Forestry, he endorsed a clandestine deal: offering to sell a biodiverse park to an American developer, who plans to grind it into sand (seriously). 


Nothing illegal about Rankin’s conduct on Owls Head file, judge finds

The province’s top court has ruled that the proper channel to remedy a perceived Liberal government wrongdoing on Owls Head is “not through the courts but at the ballot box.”

“The ballot box is a blunt tool and a trip to the ballot box once every four years is not an appropriate tool for addressing an injustice such as this,” he said. “There are a lot of injustices out there that are best suited for the courts to deal with,” says lawyer Jamie Simpson.