The Scam of “Public Consultation”

“Public engagement is a requirement of the Letter of Offer, so you’ll be able to have your say.”

This is something you might hear when you speak to your elected representatives. But it’s incorrect and I’ll explain why.

1. Most importantly: A public consultation about the delisting of Owls Head Provincial Park is not the same as a public consultation about the proposed sale and development of Owls Head Provincial Park.

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Lisa Roberts Recognizes “Save Owls Head” Group


LISA ROBERTS: Madam Speaker, today I want to recognize citizens who are organizing to save Owls Head. Their Facebook group surpassed 5,000 members in the last few days.

Members of the group have also fundraised to fund a legal case that seeks to challenge the secret process that resulted in Owls Head being disposed of as a Crown asset and protected area for all Nova Scotians.

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Press Release: Grassroots Group Exceeds 5,000 Members

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April 19, 2021                                                                         Administrator of  


Grassroots Group Achieves 5,000-Member Milestone
Concern for Owls Head Provincial Park Growing Rapidly

Support for saving Owls Head Provincial Park is increasing across the province, as demonstrated by the continued growth of the grassroots Facebook group, “Save Little Harbour/Owls Head from Becoming a Golf Courses.”

“On April 18, we passed the 5,000 member-mark,” said Sydnee McKay, founder of the Facebook group. “People all over the province are learning from Owls Head Provincial Park that the provincial government is a threat to our network of parks and protected areas. There are nearly 200other provincial parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas that our government could secretly delist and offer to sell – just like it did with Owls Head Provincial Park.”

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