Plans for a golf course at Cape Breton’s West Mabou Beach prompt Neal Livingston to speak out

December 5, 2022
Jean Laroche
CBC News
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Neal Livingston, co-chair of the Margaree Environmental Association, sees a parallel between the fight to preserve Owls Head Provincial Park on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore and efforts to safeguard Cape Breton’s West Mabou Beach Provincial Park from a similar golf development plan.

In the message, Houston vowed a PC government would better safeguard land “on a protected list.”

“I will never allow this type of situation to happen under my watch and certainly wouldn’t instigate it like [Rankin] did,” wrote Houston. “My position is that any property on a protected list should stay on a protected list, unless a court directs otherwise.”

Livingston hopes that Houston, as premier, is ready to stand behind that pledge when it comes to West Mabou Beach Provincial Park.

“That’s a pretty clear statement about that protected area, stay protected — unless there’s an extremely unusual situation that a court would make a decision on … obviously we’re dealing with a park as a protected area,” said Livingston. 

“We can’t comment on a proposal that we haven’t received or seen,” said Catherine Klimek, Houston’s press secretary.  “If an application does come in, the department will have to give any application due process and fair consideration.

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