Stronger Together

We would like to thank all of the following organizations that signed the joint letter calling on the government to stop the sale, protect Owls Head Park, and fully implement Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan.

  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Nova Scotia Chapter
  • Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association
  • World Wildlife Fund – Canada
  • Ecology of Plants in Communities Lab, St. Mary’s University
  • Nature Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia Bird Society
  • Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society
  • Oceans North
  • Halifax Field Naturalists
  • Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Association of Retired Persons Nova Scotia Chapter
  • Sackville Rivers Association
  • St Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association
  • Wentworth & Folly Friends
  • Margaree Environmental Association
  • Sustainable Northern Nova Scotia
  • Cumberland Wilderness
  • Hike Nova Scotia
  • Ecology Action Centre
  • Halifax Wildlife Association
  • Friends of Blue Mountain – Birch Cove Lakes Society
  • Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia

Judicial Review Applicants

Thank you to wildlife biologist Bob Bancroft and local environmental group Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association for their role as applicants in the court case. We are grateful for your work, along with that of lawyer Jamie Simpson, in pursuing a judicial review. Huge thanks to all of the concerned citizens who funded the Let’s Go to Court to Save Owls Head! Go-Fund-Me in just six days. To learn more about the judicial review, please visit our Resources page.

Highlighting Some of the Support We’ve Received

From Organizations

Joint Letter from Conservation Groups
Letter from World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada
Letter from the NS Wild Flora Society
Letter from the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) NS Chapter
Letter from the Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society

From Scientists
Report on the Ecological Importance of Owls Head Crown land (Caitlin Porter & Dr. Jeremy Lundholm)
Letter from Scientists at St. Mary’s University (Caitlin Porter & Dr. Jeremy Lundholm)
Letter from Dr. Martin Willison to MP Sean Fraser
Letter from Dr. Martin Willison to Minister Rankin
Letter from Dr. Karen Beazley
Letter from Dr. Elisabeth Kosters
Marine Q&A with Marine Biologist Dr. Kristina Boerder

Content from our partner organizations 

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS NS)

The Delisting of Owls Head Provincial Park Reserve
Community Scientists Descend on Owls Head
CPAWS NS Explores the Eastern Shore Islands
CPAWS Video Tour of the Eastern Shore Islands
Photos of Eastern Shore Islands by CPAWS NS
Back at Owls Head by CPAWS NS
Once a Leader in Conservation, NS Now Falls Behind, Report Finds
Healthy Nature Healthy People (Pages 51-52)

Ecology Action Centre
Statement from the Ecology Action Centre
Owls Head Provincial Park and Legal Designation by Karen McKendry

Support from Political Parties in NS

Green Party

Green Party Reacts to the Delisting, February 18/20 (Video)
Statement from the Green Party, March 26/21
Interim Leader, Jessica Alexander, Calls for Owls Head Provincial Park to be Protected, June 1/21

NDP (New Democratic Party)

NDP Leader Gary Burrill on Owls Head Provincial Park, January 15/20
Statement from Lisa Roberts, January 16/20
Press Release: Provincial parks legislation needs update on pending protected land, January 30/20
Gary Burrill in Support of “Save Owls Head” movement, February 20/20 (Video)
Gary Burrill in the Legislature, February 26/20 (Video)
Gary Burrill Questions Premier McNeil, February 26/20 (Video)
Gary Burrill Introduces the Owls Head Act, February 26/20 (Video)
Lisa Roberts Applauds Protesters, February 20/21 (Video)
Lisa Roberts Re-introduces the Owls Head Act, March 25/21
Lisa Roberts Recognizes “Save Owls Head” Group, April 19/21 (Video)
Gary Burrill Questions Premier Rankin in the Legislature, April 1/21 (Video)
Gary Burrill Questions Premier Rankin in the Legislature, April 6/21 (Video)

PC (Progressive Conservative) Party

Brad Johns, PC Environment Critic, January 14/20
Barb Adams, PC MLA, Recognizes the “Save Owls Head” movement, February 28/20
Statement from Kent Smith, PC Candidate, January 23/21

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