People Power Saves Park

June 14, 2022: We’re happy to announce that Owls Head is officially Nova Scotia’s newest provincial park!

We commend the people of Nova Scotia for their unwavering dedication and extraordinary efforts to save this public park.

Together, we’ve prevented the province from setting a terrible precedent of selling public parklands to private interests, but we still have work to do. The Eastern Shore Seaside Park System remains incomplete and there are still approximately 125 provincial parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas across Nova Scotia that still aren’t legally protected. In addition to legally protecting each of these sites with an Order in Council, new measures are needed to ensure that no site with proposed or pending protection can ever be secretly delisted.

In the meantime, we hope that the remarkable success of the Save Owls Head movement will inspire you to keep fighting for positive change. We have an opportunity to build on this success and establish a new era for protected areas in Nova Scotia—one in which no pending park can be secretly sold off to private interests; an era in which all of the 100+ pending ‘protected areas’ will soon receive legal protection, as we work our way towards protecting at least 20% of Nova Scotia by 2030.

And as we’ve learned, people power really can change things.

Please enjoy this video from our friends at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (Nova Scotia Chapter)


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