Natural resources minister says he needs details of Owls Head deal signed by Liberals

“I’m quite hopeful that he’s (Houston) going to do the right thing here and throw out the letter of offer that was crafted in secrecy and deceit in my opinion,” said Chris Trider, a member of the Facebook group Save Owls Head Provincial Park.

“I hope he’ll go even further and complete the formal designation,” of Owls Head as a provincial park.

.. Trider said with former premier Stephen McNeil, Rankin and other ministers, Owls Head “was always a sort of secret, done deal, behind closed doors, backroom arrangements made, public consultation handed over to the developer.”


Where the parties stand on Owls Head Provincial Park

Liberal leader Iain Rankin owns the decision to sell the rare natural habitat for golf courses.

Judging by the lawn signs during this election, the most popular cause in some neighbourhoods around the province isn’t a political party, but “Save Owls Head.” That’s the slogan on those bright-red signs protesting the Liberal government’s willingness to sell off Owls Head Provincial Park for golf-course development. Between the strong public support and the fact premier Iain Rankin bears major responsibility for it, the land has become a major issue in this sleepy summer campaign. Here’s a quick breakdown of the situation and where each major party stands.


Saving Owls Head Provincial Park
An Issue for All

When reporter Michael Gorman of CBC News broke the story it sparked a firestorm of opposition.

Thanks to a whistle blower, we now know that the government removed Owls Head Provincial Park from the list of lands awaiting legal protection, specifically to enter into a Letter of Offer with the Americans (working as Lighthouse Links Development Company). All of this was done without public knowledge or consultation.