Nova Scotia’s Natural Resources and Renewables minister vows to protect beloved park from development

In November, a beloved piece of coastal parkland in Atlantic Canada was saved from development, but environmentalists cautioned the fight wouldn’t be over until the land was officially protected. Now, they’re one step closer to that goal.

… For Christopher Trider, a member of Save Owls Head Provincial Park and a former provincial park planner, Rushton’s comments are good news.

“You know, there’s still a row to hoe, for sure. But this is really, really a step in the right direction,” he said. For now, Trider and others are waiting to see if Owls Head will become a provincial park or a protected area and how it fits into the province’s goal of conserving at least 20 per cent of the total land and water mass in the province by 2030.


Crown land at Owls Head finally en route to protected status

“I’ve asked my department to prioritize this piece of land to move it forward,” Tory Rushton, Nova Scotia’s minister of natural resources and renewables, said after a cabinet meeting Thursday. 

“There’s a lot of steps that have to go into it, but rest assured, as we go through those steps, we’re certainly going to be very transparent as to where this land is going to go. It will be protected one way or another.”


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Government to protect Owls Head

In late November, an American couple withdrew an offer to purchase 285 hectares of crown land known as Owls Head to develop a golf course along the Eastern Shore. That appears to have been the catalyst for a decision by the Houston government to protect Owls Head as a provincial park or potential wilderness area.

“The government has committed to protecting Owls Head lands as part of its 20% land protection goal (mandated in the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act passed in October),” said Natural Resources Minister Tory Rushton in an email. “The process to protect those lands is underway but we don’t have any further details to share at this stage.”

Cartoon by Matt Dempsey

Iain Rankin to step down as N.S. Liberal Party leader

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The former premier also failed to clearly and effectively settle several controversies that would dog him throughout the campaign, including how his team handled a candidate who dropped out on the first day of the election, his involvement in the potential sale of Owls Head provincial park and revelations of several drunk driving charges when he was younger.