… And it worked!

Thousands of people came together. They donated, they organized, they protested together, they put up signs everywhere. They demanded that Owls Head be protected. And it worked. The entire CPAWS-NS team was at Owls Head Provincial Park recently to celebrate the protection of this very special place as a provincial Read more…

Nina Newington: “The Climate Crisis Cannot Be Solved Without Solving the Nature Crisis”

It [the IPBES report] identifies actions to simultaneously fight both crises, including expanding nature reserves and restoring—or halting the loss of—ecosystems rich in species and carbon, such as forests, natural grasslands and kelp forests.

The only way Bill 57 addresses the biodiversity crisis is by mandating the protection of 20% of our land and water by 2030. This is a definite improvement over previous goals but I would urge that we need an earlier target of 2025. This will not be easy to achieve but it is essential. Our federal government has agreed to implement the UN’s goal of protecting 30% of lands and waters on earth by 2030.

Here in Nova Scotia, we should get cracking on our 20% target. First on the to-do list: restore Owls Head, with its globally rare ecosystem, to the list of proposed Parks and Protected Areas then immediately protect all the areas on the PPA list.


Lindsay Lee: Why I’m Here Today

I am going to be honest with all of you. Despite the importance of this bill, part of me would rather not be here today. Part of me would rather be spending time with my family—something that many environmental advocates like me sacrifice on a daily basis, in order to fight for climate justice and biodiversity. No one wants to spend all of their free time fighting for the environment. No one wants to camp out in the forest to protect mainland moose habitat or spend their weekends sending emails that are routinely ignored.

I am compelled to be here, because the state of our province and our planet demands real change, right now.


Claudia Chender: When will the PC government stop the sale?

CLAUDIA CHENDER: Mr. Speaker, changing topics, my question is for the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables. In the election there was no doubt that people across the province were angered by the backroom dealing that led to the delisting of Owls Head. We’ve all heard about it in this House and out of this House.

Many people expressed their anger, including the Premier, who said that the Liberal government’s actions on this file were “really despicable.” When a party uses words like “despicable,” one would expect urgency in rectifying this situation.

My question to the minister is: When will the Progressive Conservative government actually make that Order in Council and stop the sale?


GLOBAL: Proposed sale of Owls Head to U.S. developer becomes major N.S. election issue

With the provincial election drawing closer on August 17, the contentious sale of Owls Head is quickly becoming a major issue on the campaign trail.

“This is a significant chunk of our coastline being offered up for $216,000,” said Theresa Pelley, a retired teacher and concerned citizen who lives in West Chezzetcook. “But the bigger issue than the fire sale on this globally rare and sensitive land is that it could happen in other areas of our province.”