The Nova Scotia Youth Choir explores protest as art and embraces Indigenous-led social action, including stopping Alton Gas and saving Owls Head Provincial Park. During the making of the film, the singers participated in social action led by Mi’kmaw land defenders working to save the Sipenkne’katik River and Owls Head Provincial Park.

Nova Scotia Youth Choir
A division of the Nova Scotia Choral Federation
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“A special project of the Nova Scotia Youth Choir, Nutuwiek?: Can You Hear Us? is the culmination of a collaboration between settler conductor Christina Murray, Mi’kmaw-Scottish filmmaker Shelley MacDonald, Mi’kmaw dancer Sarah Prosper, and the choristers of the 2021 Nova Scotia Youth Choir. Combining choral music, dance, and film, Nutuwiek? explores themes of environmental stewardship, activism, and community. The narrative of the film follows a young Indigenous woman who, feeling frustrated and isolated in her work to care for the environment, reaches out for community and works toward making change.”

Nova Scotia Choral Federation
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