Press Release (PC): Owls Head shows Rankin Liberals can’t be trusted on environment

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Nova Scotians concerned about the environment and climate change need a Premier and a government that won’t do secret deals to put protected lands at risk.

Hammonds Plains-Lucasville PC candidate Julie Chaisson noted that as Lands and Forestry Minister, Liberal Leader Iain Rankin secretly delisted Owls Head provincial park reserve to allow an American couple to buy the land. The Rankin Liberals also gutted the previous PC government’s landmark Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, moving decision-making away from the Legislature into the cabinet backrooms.

“The choice in this election is clear: more secret deals that put Nova Scotia’s environment at risk with Iain Rankin or real solutions for our environment with Tim Houston,” said Chaisson.  “Having Iain Rankin, the architect of the Owls Head secret deal, responsible for our environment is like having an arsonist in charge of fire safety.”