Letter: Close Park Loophole

Bill 19 did go to a vote at second reading and was voted down by the Tory MLAs. It sought to forever remove the use of the “minute letter loophole” by any future government, no matter what its stripe. The need may arise to change the status of a provincial park, but if so, then it must be subject to a wide and inclusive public consultation in full view of all Nova Scotians.


LTE: Thinly Veiled Greenwash

My question is: Why not be honest and transparent about the intent of the article to greenwash the project and help set the table for the private developer? I believe the article does a disservice to Mr. Simmons, to Nova Scotians, and most importantly to the truth. […] We can say a definitive no to the sale of the park lands at Owls Head and the development of private golf courses and luxury real estate that will destroy, irreversibly, important biodiversity and significant ecological areas.

A definitive no is both warranted and essential.


LTE: Rescind Park Sale

It would be a travesty if Nova Scotians lose the fight to save Owls Head Provincial Park. There was no public consultation or notice before the government signed the Letter of Offer to sell Owls Head Provincial Park, which is alarming, to say the least. Furthermore, former MLA Michel Samson and former Premier Stephen McNeil are working for Cox and Palmer, the same law firm that is representing the buyer. Premier Houston has an opportunity to do things differently.


LTE: Golf Rebuttal

It seems that “the lady doth protest too much.”Gloria McCluskey (“Out of bounds” letter, Aug. 31) was not the subject of my Aug. 19 letter, but by assuming things about me, she has made herself the subject of this one.

My factual letter about the proposed golf course, to be built on a 10,000-year old ecosystem, was met with a personal attack on my lack of knowledge about golf, my inability to see the benefit of golf and a delirious claim that I cast aspersions on her beloved home course. She assumed things about me without knowing anything about my background. But why let facts get in the way of a good story?


LTE: Fairway Mirage

Former Dartmouth mayor Gloria McCluskey’s “Golf is good” letter on Aug. 7 perpetuates the myth that golf on our shore will solve all the problems faced by local residents.

On the same day her letter was published, I was one of several speakers at a rally to stop the steal of Owls Head. Coincidentally, I outlined many of the fallacies of her argument and those that have been put forward by representatives of Lighthouse Links, one of whom is Anthony Turner, her nephew.