Letter to the Editor
Contributed by David and Pamela Baker
The Chronicle Herald/Saltwire
June 24, 2022

Originally published here

When we fight to keep wilderness areas, it is because they are wilderness areas. What we don’t need are more golf courses and irreparably ruined ecosystems.

There is nothing wrong with wildlife, plants, lakes, oceanfront and eel grass being left unmolested by mankind. Climate change trends have taught us what happens when we do interfere. If they are changed and managed in order to grant full access, are they still wild?

There are “Karens and Kens” in this world who will never be happy until paradise is paved. And, now that Owl’s Head has been saved, some of these “Karens and Kens” have already started throwing rocks and bricks via Facebook and Twitter from the safety of their glass houses.

There is no argument that we could use more economic growth on our “forgotten shore,” but how about better schools, fully-staffed hospitals, reliable internet, a swimming pool, sidewalks and bike lanes? Could we not take advantage of the local stories, recipes, crafts and culture that should be shared before they are relegated to the past? Not only will all these projects employ people, but they will also attract others to settle here.

And, now that they have taken a step in the right direction, let us hope that it will also encourage our politicians to remember that this shore can no longer be forgotten. 

David & Pamela Baker, Ship Harbour

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