June 19, 2020

Dear Premier McNeil,

To date, there have been no updates on the possible sale of Owl’s Head Park. I hope that means that the Province is reconsidering that decision. After witnessing all that nature can throw at us throughout this pandemic, I find it disconcerting that we would be willing to hand over pristine, protected crown owned lands to American billionaire investors to spoil and corrupt to their ideals instead of keeping this land for wildlife and for regular Nova Scotians who need it for healing and for physical and mental health.

If history has taught us anything it is that wealthy capitalists do not care about us or the environment, they only care about money. Please do not let our beautiful unspoiled natural parks become another lesson in greed. It costs nothing to leave it as it is. As we have learned from other failed investments by NS governments throughout the decades, this will end up costing all NS taxpayers millions for something that would only benefit the wealthy few.

People don’t visit NS for golf courses or spas or theme parks, they come for its natural beauty to camp, kayak and hike and just be in unspoiled places, places that are becoming rarer every year in our province.

I hope you will see the wisdom of keeping this space wild and not selling off our heritage and precious spaces to the highest bidder.


Connie Farr

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