Taryn Grant
CBC News
August 5, 2021

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Party positions on the environment and climate change were in the spotlight Wednesday night at an election debate in Halifax.

Owls Head

On questions about the future of Owls Head — a 285-hectare coastal property on the Eastern Shore — Cooley defended her party, while the other three candidates attacked the Liberal decision to remove the land from a list of Crown properties pending legal protection.

The land was delisted to make way for the possibility of selling it for a development involving three golf courses, but it hasn’t been sold yet.

Cooley said a “mature democracy” requires listening to both sides of an argument — in this case, the argument for economic development in the rural community of Little Harbour versus the protection of sensitive ecosystems.

She said there has been misinformation circulating about Owls Head.

“I want to be clear … This is not a done deal,” she said.

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