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Gail Lethbridge
The Chronicle Herald
January 25, 2020

I see the Little Tartan Republic is at it again. You know the place I mean. It’s that secretive little quasi-democratic realm otherwise known as Nova Scotia. It has more elected politicians per square foot than Carter had Little Liver Pills, but in the Little Tartan Republic, things sometimes happen behind closed doors or in the shadows. Rules are bent to benefit those in power — if there are rules at all — and the words “openness” and “transparency” are a matter of interpretation.

Take the curious case of the government secretly delisting an ecologically rare piece of Crown land from a group of lands awaiting special protection.

Owls Head is a 285-hectare piece of land on the Eastern Shore with a rare ecosystem that’s home to endangered species such as the piping plover.

Without consultation or public knowledge, the government just went ahead and “offed” Owls Head from the list awaiting protection. 

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