Richard Bell
The Eastern Shore Cooperator
November 26, 2021

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The Cooperator has learned that Lighthouse Links withdrew from the letter of Offer to purchase Owls Head Provincial Park and convert it into a luxury housing development with a few golf courses after learning that the province had determined that the company’s plans for public consultation were inadequate, and that the province would require a more thoroughgoing public consultation process.

… On October 7, 2021, the Premier, the Deputy Minister and Premier’s staff had an introductory meeting with the proponent to learn about the proposal and its status. At that meeting, we were informed of the existence of a consultation plan that, according to the proponent, had been provided to the previous government, but was never shared with the Department.

We subsequently reviewed those plans and determined that the consultation plan was not satisfactory and more fulsome consultation with the public was required. We made it clear what level of consultation would be required before a golf course could be constructed there. We also asked for a timeline for that consultation.

At the same time, a judicial review was underway related to the previous government’s decision to remove the area from the Parks and Protected Areas Plan. Our government was allowing that court proceeding to conclude as the result would inform next steps. That process had not yet concluded when the company announced it would be withdrawing its proposal.

Now, the Province is no longer bound by that agreement and we can work on moving forward.

Response from the Premier’s Office to an inquiry by the Eastern Shore Cooperator

Opponents of the park’s sale are now pressing the government to move quickly to provide the park with protected status and to protect the more than 100 other parks and wilderness areas that remain vulnerable to being delisted and sold. The Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Association (CPAWS) has launched an online action campaign to get people to write Premier Houston and other officials to formally protect Owls Head Provincial Park under the provisions of the Wilderness Areas Protection Act.

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