Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Richard T. Holt
The Chronicle Herald
January 22, 2021

I was surprised to read in the Jan. 18 article, “Grit candidates graded on the environment,” that Iain Rankin is the Liberal leadership candidate favoured by the Ecology Action Centre (EAC).

If actions rather than words were to be evaluated, surely the EAC would have to change its opinion.

Mr. Rankin’s performance as Lands and Forestry Minister was abysmal. He did not support environmental logging practices as recommended in the Lahey report, nor did he support Nova Scotia’s Parks and Protected Areas Plan.

In fact, he was responsible for the sale of the Owls Head Provincial Park Reserve to American developers without any public disclosure. That property was not his to sell; it belonged to the people. To treat it otherwise is not acceptable.

How can Mr. Rankin expect to run the province when he could not properly run his own portfolio as minister? I’d like him to defend his action in an accountable way. I hope the golf course never gets approved.

Richard T. Holt, Clementsport

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