Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Peter Barss
The Chronicle Herald
June 3, 2020

This province wholeheartedly endorses open-pen fish farming that contaminates our bays with chemicals and fecal waste. It is engaged in a deal to sell off Crown land at Owls Head so a rich American can build three golf courses. It sees no problem with waterways polluted by gold mining. And it clearcuts large tracts of forest, including old growth stands.

Bob Bancroft, the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists and the Blomidon Naturalists Society had to spend the money and time to win a recent court case (“Nova Scotia broke endangered species law, judge rules,” May 30) that forces the province to obey its own laws designed to protect endangered species.

This provincial government has complete disregard for preserving our natural environment. It is only areas that can’t be exploited for a fast buck that are “saved” and held up as examples of how green the province is. 

If respecting the natural environment was at the top of the list of government priorities instead of at the bottom, people like Bob Bancroft would not have to struggle so hard to save what clearly needs saving.

Peter Barss

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