Letter to the Editor – Reader’s Corner
Contributed by Dusan Soudek
The Chronicle Herald
December 30, 2019 

I am shocked and dismayed at the possible demise of Eastern Shore’s Owls Head Provincial Park. According to recent media reports, our provincial government decided some time ago to remove this proposed 267-hectare coastal park from the list of properties proposed in 2013 for protection as provincial parks, wilderness areas and nature reserves. The parcel, consisting mainly of rugged barrens and wetlands, is apparently to be sold to a U.S. developer and turned into one or several golf courses.

This decision by cabinet was taken in utmost secrecy following extensive lobbying by a recently defeated provincial cabinet minister, in spite of the fact that the original Our Parks and Protected Areas: A Plan for Nova Scotia, involved extensive consultation with interest groups and members of the public. The provincial park, or, more accurately, the provincial park reserve, contains a number of rare ecosystems and endangered species, besides providing many recreational opportunities and public access to the coast.

It appears that the local MP and the local MLA are on the side of the Lighthouse Links Development Company; again, after zero input from the public. The stealth effort to de-list Owls Head Provincial Park needs to be stopped. Why not build the golf course on private land next to the park?

Dusan Soudek, Halifax

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