Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Ian Guppy
August 12, 2021

It’s a steal! And no, I am not talking about the secret backroom deal to sell Owls Head Provincial Park, all 750 acres and five miles of coastline for less than the cost of an average Nova Scotia home. 

I mean the robbing of that most precious finite resource: our time! How many volunteer hours have been spent trying to save something that we thought was already saved? Owls Head Provincial Park was slated to be protected as site No. 694 of the Parks and Protected Areas Plan because of the well-documented scientific evidence of its high ecological and conservation value. 

What about the 40 years of history and input from Nova Scotians who understood Owls Head to be a provincial park? Yet we now find ourselves spending even more time fighting this wrong that should never have happened. 

What other charities and worthy causes have suffered from the loss of this volunteer time? Worse still, this theft of our time comes just as things start to open up from the ravages of COVID. 

Nova Scotians have earned and deserve to spend this summer with family and friends enjoying our beautiful provincial parks instead of holding the government accountable for its immoral actions. Stop the sale of Owls Head!

Ian Guppy, P.Eng, Halifax

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