Today on our Cartographic – LiDAR journey we visit Owls Head on the Eastern Shore, about 60 km east of Halifax. Definitely some cool geology going on here.

The rock here is comprised of sandstone turbidite and slate formed about 530 million years ago, at this point my eyes start to glaze over just thinking of a way to explain the geology so I will stop there.

There has been some controversy over this place for the past year, there was a piece crown land that was part of the Provincial Parks and Protected Areas Plan and was slated to become a Provincial Park, I still have an older parks and protected areas data set that has the area attributed as “Owls Head Provincial Park.” The land was suddenly delisted from the plan and is in the process of being sold to a private owner who has plans to turn the land into a golf course!

Cartography by Marcel Morin (Lost Art Cartography)
Owls Head Provincial Park and Surrounding Area, By Marcel Morin (Lost Art Cartography)
Cartography by Marcel Morin (Lost Art Cartography)
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