Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Elinor Benjamin
The Chronicle Herald
April 1, 2021

Noting that offensive, fear-mongering ad against the Biodiversity Act in the paper on March 20, I couldn’t help but wonder where the money came from. 

Jim Vibert’s March 25 column provided some answers. I am disappointed that our new government has caved in to such blatant pressure, and can’t help but wonder what other pressures were applied to defeat the bill. 

This does not bode well for the renewed promises on the environment that came out of the Liberal leadership race. I also read Bill Black’s puffery piece on Owls Head last week, and still fear for the outcome of that nefarious scheme. If it goes ahead, the messages will be clear: “Business as usual” and “Wealth Trumps all” — pun intended. Has this pandemic failed to teach us anything about looking after this planet and the public good? 

Elinor Benjamin, Dartmouth

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