Letter to the Editor
The Chronicle Herald
Contributed by Harry Covert
March 31, 2021

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Re: Bill Black’s March 20 column. He states: “It is certain that far more people will enjoy the view from Owls Head if it has golf courses than if it remains as is.” In my view, this is far from certain.

The game of golf is in decline, and interest in the environment is increasing. Promote Owls Head Provincial Park, at much less cost than building golf courses and a gated coastal community for a small number of seasonal residents.  

Nova Scotia residents and tourists could take part in many activities that would allow them to be active in the present environment. Camping, diving, kayaking, bird-watching and hiking are becoming more attractive to more people than golf. All of this could be made available, while maintaining ownership for present and future Nova Scotians.

Mr. Black also diminishes critics of the golf development by stating, about recent letters to the editor on the topic, that “some of them are not well-informed.” 

Mr. Black claims to know a lot about golf courses; however, he seems less informed about the environment of Owls Head. “Nova Scotia has no shortage of rocky terrain” shows a lack of knowledge, or perhaps even interest, in the unique environment of Owls Head — characteristics which put it on the Nova Scotia parks list in the first place. Owls Head is far from just another piece of “rocky terrain.”

Harry Covert, East Chester

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