Ethan Lycan-Lang
Halifax Examiner
November 24, 2021

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A red roadside sign that says Stop the Government Sale! Owl's Head Provincial Park with a drawing of an owl.

Photo: A sign from the Save Owls Head Provincial Park Facebook group

It’s not just sign or a bumper sticker anymore. It appears to be a reality.

The government sale of Owls Head Provincial Park is stopped, at least for now. Lighthouse Links, the company that planned to develop a golf course on the provincial park, is withdrawing the letter of offer it signed with the province in 2019. That’s according to Michael Gorman at the CBC, who broke the story Tuesday.

Following the decision, the company issued a statement to the CBC, writing: “We have concluded that we do not have the support of the government of Nova Scotia necessary to make this project a reality.”

… Three months after that court dismissal and the ensuing rally, and nearly two years after the park was delisted, the sale appears to be dead in the water.

The province could still conceivably find a new buyer for the park land. But for now, Owls Head Provincial Park, and its supporters, can rest easy.

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A rocky portion of Owls Head with a small lighthouse at the top. The rocks are covered with grass, moss, and trees.


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