Guest Opinion by Thomas Trappenberg
March 26, 2021

Promises of a few jobs, but no accounting of the true costs.

Golf courses require massive amounts of chemicals and imported soils to grow and maintain perfect grasses not native to our climate. Where will that runoff go?

Into our coastal waters, threatening our ocean playground and fisheries. And into our groundwater supply that we depend on for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Government is supposed to be a reflection of the will of the people. Like the open-pen fish farms leases extended against the opposition of tens of thousands of local residents, Owls Head development is being rammed forward by private interests with deep pockets in direct opposition of residents.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia unequivocally opposes this type of government exploitation of public assets, and demands that the Owls Head project be stopped immediately. If it is such a tremendous business opportunity, the developer can finance a fully transparent business proposal for development on privately available property.

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