Feb 18, 2020
Courtesy of Green Party of Nova Scotia

From right to left:

Thomas Trappenberg, Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia
Judy Green, Leadership candidate for Green Party of Canada
Jessica Alexander, Deputy Leader and official agent for the Green Party of Nova Scotia

“We’re really disturbed about the lack of transparency of this current government in delisting a protected park and scrubbing that information from their websites and telling the public that it was a mistake… a mistake that’s been there for 40 years. We’re very upset about a seemingly backroom deal of selling this property, no transparent process, and then having public consultations after the fact. And it’s also our understanding that the party who has been given responsibility to perform those consultations is the purchaser. There is nothing transparent, there is nothing ethical about this deal, and we are shocked.”

Judy Green

“We’d also like to [m]ake note that there are numerous opportunities for eco-tourism in that area, including ocean kayaking, including camping opportunities, including cycling opportunities. There are lots of ways to invite the public to enjoy that shore without damaging that beautiful headland […] We suggest that golf courses go elsewhere and that the headland remain intact.”

Jessica Alexander

Here’s the good news: it was fantastic to see that in a short time, a large amount of people came out and organized. They have now also secured a lawyer and secured funds […] It’s really good to see that Nova Scotians really get active and this is so important for us.”

Thomas Trappenberg

“We need to realize that those lands belong to everyone. These are unceded territories of the Mi’kmaq people. This is not something that can be sloughed off by the government of the day – quietly and without consultation with everyone.”

Jessica Alexander

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q1Rb_Gu-1k

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