Tim Houston hasn’t outright said he’d stop the golf course development plans, but an advocate for the Eastern Shore land believes the premier will protect the coastal land

Chris Stoodley
Halifax Today
September 27, 2021

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On Sept. 20, a Lighthouse Links spokesperson announced the company will wait to speak with officials from the newly-elected Progressive Conservative government before moving forward with its plans.

“The government that they negotiated their letter of offer with has been replaced, so it only makes sense to me that that would be the position they would take,” Chris Trider, an advocate from the Save Owls Head Facebook group, said. “They’re going to wait and see what the new government, the new ministers and the new premier stake as their position on the letter of offer to sell the provincial property before they commit any more funds or energy to the process.”

After reading Tim Houston’s platform, Trider told NEWS 95.7’s fill-in host Todd Veinotte that there’s reason to be optimistic that the premier will protect Owls Head.

“There’s no question that this is an important public resource that needs to be protected and kept in public ownership,” Trider said. “We’re very confident in any sort of fair and transparent hearing that we will be victorious. And we were never offered that, we were never afforded that possibility with the Rankin government.”

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