Taryn Grant 
CBC News
Jun 29, 2020 6:52 PM AT 

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Before the province’s lawyer, Jack Townsend, delivered his arguments to the court, Coady asked him why an extension should be fought, if the review was worthwhile.

“Don’t you think it’s always best to decide issues such as this on the merits, rather than on the procedural obstacles that can pop up because of people dragging their feet or inadvertence or complacency or something of that nature?” Coady said.

Province says a review ‘would be a waste of time’

To that, Townsend argued there are actually “big problems” with the merit of the review, as requested. Among them, he pointed to the fact that the land has not been sold and, he said, may never be.

… Townsend said that to challenge the province’s decision at this stage, “respectfully, would be a waste of time.”

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