Contributed by Bob Rosborough
The Chronicle Herald
February 20, 2021

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BOB ROSBOROUGH • Guest Opinion

Unfounded and false claims, from poisoning the ocean to extinction and desecration of wildlife and habitat threaten the most substantial and advantageous development to ever grace the community. Critics have gone so far as to insult a considerate and environmentally conscious philanthropist developer intent on helping the Eastern Shore people thrive and survive the economic devastation that has befallen the area over the past half century, due to neglect by the successive governments and industries of our time.

While the area has recently attracted notice as a coastal region virtually untouched since the last ice age, it has in fact been the subject of careful exploitation of a sustainable fishery and other marine industries. It’s the people who are responsible for this preservation, plain and simple.

So, for a bunch of ranting social media followers — speared on by several whose questionable, unsuccessful past employment within government agencies and/or parasitic commercial endeavours on government support agencies with axes to grind against Nova Scotia — to zero in on the Eastern Shore and this substantial and critically important project is deceptive and morally corrupt.

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