Contributed by Richard Rachals
The Chronicle Herald
March 13, 2021

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Dear Premier Iain Rankin,

Thank you for paving the way for wealthy visitors, and perhaps even some Nova Scotians of modest means, to own ocean-front property at very affordable prices. The sales agreement you signed as Lands & Forestry minister with Lighthouse Links to sell Owls Head Provincial Park for $336 per acre is truly groundbreaking. Wow, 744 acres of lovely Nova Scotia coastal land for just $250,000. And the way you managed to keep the transaction away from prying eyes for nine months was wonderfully innovative. Too bad that nosy CBC reporter had to stick his oar in and blow your cover.

In keeping with the spirit of this innovative, revenue-producing scheme for Nova Scotia, I’d like to make an offer for Queensland Beach Provincial Park. Can’t be too many acres there, and at this bargain rate, my next pension cheque might just cover the sale price. To improve the optics, I’ll even put in a poutine stand as a boost to the local economy. With 50 more provincial parks now up for grabs, this could be just the start of something good. My lawyer will send you a contract this week.

On behalf of all Nova Scotians, thank you for your generosity.

Richard Rachals, Lunenburg

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