Lighthouse Links hopes to build up to 3 courses in Little Harbour

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Michael Gorman 
CBC News
January 25, 2020

The federal government is no longer negotiating with Nova Scotia’s Lands and Forestry Department for the sale of surplus Crown land that could have become part of a proposed golf course development.

Lighthouse Links Development Company wants to build as many as three golf courses in Little Harbour on the province’s Eastern Shore. As part of that proposal, the company is trying to buy Crown land from the Nova Scotia government.

The province was also negotiating, on the company’s behalf, to buy 17 hectares of land Ottawa deemed surplus.

Editor’s Note: Owl’s Head Provincial Park is still in danger. This article shows that the federal government has made the right decision for conservation. But the provincial government is forging ahead with the deal that would see Nova Scotia’s 268 hectares (662 acres) of important conservation land sold and developed.

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