Keith Doucette
Global News
Originally from THE CANADIAN PRESS
January 22, 2020, 4:14 pm

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Calls are mounting for the Nova Scotia government to reconsider the potential sale of a section of spectacularly rugged Crown-owned land along the province’s Eastern Shore to private developers.

The 285-hectare area of coastal barrens and wetlands known as Owls Head was quietly removed from a government list of lands awaiting legal protection last March.

The move only came to light last month after CBC reported on documents obtained through an access-to-information request. Those documents indicate the government is considering a proposal from a private developer who wants the land to build as many as three golf courses near Little Harbour, N.S.

“This sets a terrible precedent,” said Chris Miller, the executive director of the Nova Scotia branch of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

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