Michael Gorman 
CBC News 
January 3, 2020

Community members call for more transparency in the process

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People on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore who oppose a potential golf course development say they’d like to meet with the developer to discuss other possible uses for the land and options for the community.

The provincial government recently removed the pending protected status from land known as Owls Head provincial park in Little Harbour so it could consider a proposal from Lighthouse Links Development Co. The company already owns 138 hectares of land next to the 285 hectares of Crown land and it wants to combine the two to build as many as three golf courses and foster economic development.

Sydnee McKay can remember growing up in the Little Harbour area and playing along those coastal lands. She said she was shocked when she learned of the proposal.

“I can’t imagine them having a golf course down there,” she said. “I just can’t picture it.”

Sydnee McKay

McKay, who is part of an online group trying to mobilize against the proposal, said she agrees the area needs jobs and development, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment and an area that includes endangered species and rare ecosystems.

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