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The group Save Little Harbour/Owls Head has just launched a paper petition campaign, calling on the government of Nova Scotia to formally protect Owls Head Provincial Park and all of the remaining properties awaiting designation.

If you believe that our network of protected areas is worthy of protection and that citizens should have a voice in this decision-making process, we hope you’ll help us deliver that message to the Nova Scotia Legislature.

Why is this necessary?

Whether they provide coastal access, camping opportunities, or an array of important ecosystem services, parks and protected areas enhance the lives of Nova Scotians each and every day.

We are all stakeholders of Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan. After all, these sites help purify our water, clean our air, provide habitat for species at risk, help to mitigate climate change, and more. The introduction even says, “The plan’s success has been authored by you: Nova Scotians committed to protecting and conserving our beautiful province for future generations.”

But our elected officials chose to act in secret when the government removed Owls Head Provincial Park (site 694) from Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan and secretly offered to sell it to a developer.

You should be able to tell if the “provincial park” up the street is a designated provincial park or if it’s at risk of being secretly delisted and offered for sale.

Nearly 200 provincial parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas are still awaiting designation and that means that they are in jeopardy. Maybe you’re concerned about a nearby trail where you walk your dog, a favourite hiking spot, or the park where you play with your grandchildren.

Stop the Sale. Save our parks.

How to Help
Please print off a copy of this petition, ask your friends and family to sign it, and mail the signature page back to Sydnee Lynn at the address provided on page 2.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking people outside your bubble to sign in person due to Covid-19, you can email the document to your coworkers, neighbours, and other concerned citizens with these directions.

Please remember that all signatures must be included on an original printed page and cannot be scanned or photocopied.

Why a paper petition instead of an electronic one?
Unlike the federal government, our government of Nova Scotia doesn’t accept any electronic petitions. The Nova Scotia Legislature explains, “All petitions must bear original signatures. Photocopies of petitions or print-outs of Internet petitions are not acceptable.”

Who can sign? 
Any Nova Scotia citizen can sign the petition, regardless of age.

What happens next?
The completed document will be tabled (presented to the House of Assembly) by an MLA.

When is the deadline to mail the forms?
We don’t have an official deadline for the petition yet. But we won’t be able to submit it until the fall session of the Legislature, so we have plenty of time to collect a huge number of signatures. Each one counts!

Have a question?
Please send us an email at or Thank you for your interest.

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