Professional sea kayak instructors Eleanor & Jenn are doing a summer series of destination paddles throughout the beautiful 100 Wild Islands on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. This area has incredible potential for recreational tourism in conjunction with environmental protection. Thank you, Eleanor and Jenn, for organizing not one but two paddles around Owls Head Provincial Park.

We’d also like to thank kayaker Peter Copus for sharing these lovely photos with us. Please click to enlarge.

Owls Head *Provincial Park*

This biodiverse coastal headland has been designated as a Provincial Park for decades…yet there has been no public access points provided. Currently, environmental advocates are taking the provincial government to Supreme Court after the government quietly negotiated selling the public land to a US private investor, without consulting the public. We took a tour of good folks to have a look at the surrounding inlet, headland, islands and gorgeous rocky ridges. It truly is special. In 15 years of paddling, I’ve never seen this combination of beauty and diversity. Relatively exposed waters yet still shallow – about 1 metre at low tide- allows for extensive eelgrass beds – a (threatened) bright green marine plant that supports nursery habitat for spawning fish, and in turn, for coastal birds. Rocky ridges extend far out into the bay, and are nestled into white sand. Delicate grasses meet the coast, and lichens hug the rock faces, with bogs and forest interspersed. Years ago, during extensive public consultation, (using public money) it was widely agreed upon that this area should remain on the protected areas list, as a Provincial Park Reserve

Eleanor and Jenn – Sea Kayak Instructors

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