A Park is a Park, is a Park, is a Park

Nova Scotia Owls Head Park Reserve Map

It is important to remember that when Premier McNeil says there is no history of Owls Head as a protected space, he is lying.

When other politicians claim that there is no history of Owls Head as a protected space, they are lying too. We have provided clear, unequivocal evidence, prima facie proof of the protected status of Owls Head Provincial Park for the past 45 years.

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Betrayal of Public (Service)

Owls Head Aerial, Caitlin Porter

The secret delisting and offer to sell Owls Head Provincial Park is not just a betrayal of the public, it is also a betrayal of the public service. You see there are a lot of good, smart, dedicated people in the Nova Scotia Public Service and this course of action by elected representatives is an insult to their training and their dedication.

You can see the climbers in the CBC’s FOIPOP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy) data, no need to name names. But I know someone who would be close to this and my heart aches for her. As I said, there are some very good people who know their jobs, people I respect very much, who just did not get listened to by an arrogant and duplicitous government. It chose to throw the professional opinions aside and charge ahead in secrecy and deceit. The irony is that those good, smart, dedicated people are there to protect the government. They should have been listened to.

Stop the sale. Save Owls Head.

Christopher Trider