Video: MLA Kevin Murphy Defends Secret Delisting Process at Chamber Meeting
Video of the Musquodoboit Harbour Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. Courtesy of the Eastern Shore Cooperator. Please allow a moment to load.

In a video on the Eastern Shore Cooperator’s Facebook page, MLA Kevin Murphy mounts a vigorous defense of the controversial decision by the provincial government to remove Owls Head Provincial Park from a list of protected areas in order to sell it to a very wealthy American couple who want to build as many as three golf courses there.

Richard Bell, Eastern Shore Cooperator

MLA Kevin Murphy on Delisting Owls Head

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Posted by Richard Bell
January 14, 2020, 3:36 PM
Eastern Shore Cooperator

In a January 3 2020 email to the Cooperator, MLA Kevin Murphy said that he first heard about the golf courses about two years, and that he had had two phone calls from the golf course lobbyist, Michael Samson. He wrote that he had not talked about the project with any other lobbyists, nor had he discussed the project with anyone from the Owls Head community (within 50 miles of Owls Head.)


Letter: In dark over Park Development

Re: “Golf developer threatens Owls Head park” (Dec. 30 Reader’s Corner). Along with Dusan Soudek, we are shocked, dismayed and incredulous that the status of this park reserve could be changed in such a sneaky and underhanded way! Not only is this action — to remove the proposed 267-hectare parcel from protection to profit — despicable on every level, it flies in the face of actions taken and funded to establish the protection of 100 islands of the Eastern Shore.

Announcements in 2016 by the federal MP, provincial MLA and councillors for the area promoted the saving of these ecosystems, which would include the wetlands and barrens of the shoreline.