Christopher Trider on the Rick Howe Show

The Rick Howe Show
News 95.7
April 27, 2020

Former DNR park planner, Christopher Trider, joins host Todd Veinotte to offer perspective on Owls Head Provincial Park.

“This proposal, this development of 3 golf courses (and luxury accommodations and what have you) could be easily accommodated in other private lands, other locations along the Eastern Shore. They don’t need to go in and destroy a beautiful, natural environment park to do this.”

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Premier Rankin on News 95.7

Host Jordi Morgan asks Premier Iain Rankin for an update on his stance regarding Owls Head Provincial Park.

The Rick Howe Show
News 95.7
March 10, 2021

Jordi Morgan: Speaking of Crown Lands, you’ve had some discussion, and I know that it’s certainly been a point of discussion here, around Owls Head and that deal… Can you tell us if you’ve turned your attention towards that and finding some solution to that problem down on the Eastern Shore?

Premier Rankin: Well, I’ve always had the position that it’s important that we listen to communities. I know that there was a project that was proposed that many people are concerned about, in terms of the environmental impacts of that area. So, it’s important that we hear those concerns and what’s really important is that we take conservation seriously and I’ve committed to an aggressive plan to protect land throughout the province. There’s a Parks and Protected Areas Plan that has many sites, literally over 100, that we’re going to commit to, and protect for generations to come.

Courtesy of the Nova Scotia Legislature

Christopher Trider’s Interview: Transcript and Audio

The Rick Howe Show
News 95.7
February 11, 2021

Christopher Trider, co-administrator of the Facebook group Save Owls Head Provincial Park, joins host Jordi Morgan to offer perspective on Owls Head Provincial Park.

Jordi Morgan: So we’re talking about Owls Head this morning. We wanted to get both sides of this issue, so joining us today is Chris Trider. Chris grew up on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia and he also has formed a Facebook group to talk about this issue and to oppose it. They are opposed to the sale of this land, which is not a done deal yet, but Chris joins on the phone this morning. Good morning, Chris.

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Megan Scheffers & Harvey Stevens: Audio & Transcript

Radio host Jordan Morgan speaks with two residents who support the delisting, sale, and development of Owls Head Provincial Park.

“We want to build three separate courses. But you know, and I, and I want to be really, really clear on this Jordi. Like, when we say we are going to build these courses, we want to do this sustainably. Right now, you know, we are being challenged or all businesses are being challenged with these ecological issues and climate change. But we really want to do this. And we want to move forward doing this ethically, and environmentally friendly. And we want to protect the wetlands and the coastal barrens, and we are aware of the habitat for endangered species and the globally rare ecosystem. But we are going to do, or Mr. Gilbert is going to do, his utmost to take care of all of this because he is a philanthropist and an environmentalist.”

Megan Scheffers

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News 95.7 Interviews: Owls Head Provincial Park

The Rick Howe Show
News 95.7
February 11, 2021

Host Jordi Morgan interviews citizens with differing views on Owls Head Provincial Park.

Owls Head Provincial Park, which had been slated for protection, was secretly delisted by the government of Nova Scotia. Elected officials had begun exploring the potential sale of this property 3 years before investigative journalist Michael Gorman alerted the public.

Disclaimer: In the interest of fairness and transparency, we have included all of the audio files and have transcribed all of the interviews. However, not all of the claims have equal merit. We’ve included a few suggested posts at the bottom of this page, which have verified information on the history and ecology of the park.

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The Rick Howe Show: Liberal Leadership Candidates on Owls Head Provincial Park

Host Jordi Morgan interviews Randy Delorey, Iain Rankin, and Labi Kousoulis

January 19-21
The Rick Howe Show
News 95.7

One of these three Liberal leadership candidates will not only become the leader of the provincial Liberal party but also the new premier of Nova Scotia. Take a listen to their responses to environmental questions, including the fate of Owls Head Provincial Park.

Mr. Randy Delorey
January 19, 2021

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