Galvanized – A Letter by Linda Symonds

Nina Newington at Rally, photo Peter Barss

February 21, 2020

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of standing with other Nova Scotians who are opposed to your secret delisting of Owls Head Provincial Park from protected status to be destroyed by development.

Let me start by saying this. This has NOTHING to do with your favorite buzz words of “economic development.”

This is EVERYTHING to do with public trust. You have broken faith with Nova Scotians who have put their trust in you fully expecting that land that has been designated as worthy of protection is protected.

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MICHAEL GORMAN: Public will be consulted before any development at Owls Head, says minister

Lighthouse Links Development Co. wants to build 3 courses in the Little Harbour area.

Michael Gorman 
CBC News
January 10, 2020

Real the full article here>

Members of the public have decried the fact the move happened with no notice or public consultation and have called on the government to reverse the decision. Government staff’s own assessment of the land notes the area is home to several endangered species as well as a globally rare ecosystem

But in an interview Thursday, Environment Minister Gordon Wilson said that even if the land is sold, no development would proceed before first going through the environmental assessment process, which includes opportunities for public comment.

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