Sydnee Lynn’s Speech: Save Owls Head Demonstration

Hello everyone,

I don’t like speaking in public but since I was born and brought up right next to Owls Head Provincial Park, I thought I should say a few words.

Approximately 15-16 years ago, a stranger from the US purchased some property in Little Harbour. This property lies between my parents’ home and Owls Head Provincial Park. This was the first time that someone moved to Little Harbour, built a home and gated their property off from the rest of the community. Over the next 15-16 years, this same person purchased 21 additional properties in the community. Most of these properties are sitting vacant.


Minister Rankin’s Reply to Sydnee Lynn

Shared to the Save Little Harbour/Owls Head Nova Scotia From Becoming Golf Courses Facebook Group by founder Sydnee Lynn McKay on January 14, 2020. Shared with permission.

Dear Ms. McKay:

I am responding to your letter of January 12, 2020 regarding Crown lands located at Little Harbour, Nova Scotia, also referred to as Owl’s Head. I confirm that the Department of Lands and Forestry (the Department) has entered into a Letter of Offer to potentially sell the Crown lands (LOO). The LOO sets out the terms and conditions between the parties, but it does not approve the potential sale. When the Department receives an application to sell Crown lands, it is reviewed following relevant processes. The transaction under review to sell the Crown lands referred to as Owls Head will undergo the usual due diligence reviews and assessments, including seeking approval by Cabinet before it would be sold.