Graphic design by Helen Michel, Owl Painting by Kenn Kaufman

Last Earth Day, the government of Nova Scotia pledged to legally protect 61 of the parks that have been awaiting designation. This was a good step forward and (in my opinion) a direct consequence of the increased awareness and passion that this group has fostered.

But how many of those 61 pledged parks are still awaiting the legal protection they need and deserve? If we’re going to achieve Premier Houston’s stated goal of 20% protection by 2030, we need to get a move on. Yes, that will require sustained public pressure and political will. But it also means that we need more funding and more staff to support provincial park planning.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet,” and that’s exactly what we need to do here in Nova Scotia. Please take a moment today to send a quick email to the Houston government, urging them to take immediate steps to legally protect Owls Head Provincial Park and all of the parks across Nova Scotia that are awaiting legal protection.

Send to:,,, + Your MLA

Graphic design by Helen Michel, Owl artwork by Kenn Kaufman

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