Greg Taylor is the creator of the popular website Halifax Trails. For more than a decade, the site has offered photos, maps, and detailed guides to help people embark on their outdoor adventures. Greg Taylor was recently featured in a CBC article. He’s been an unwavering supporter of the Save Owls Head movement and recently sent the following letter to Premier Houston.

As a local eco-tourism guide, I can speak to you from experience that our parks and nature areas are extremely valuable. I get hundreds of thousands of visitors to my website every year who are looking for authentic outdoor adventures. Nova Scotia’s natural beauty constantly goes viral on social media and people from around the globe contact me for more info. If we build it, they will come. Eco-tourism needs to be what leads NS into the future and can be kickstarted by redirecting current subsidies of dead and dying, polluting industries that keep us chained to economics from the past.

The unprecedented grassroots Save Owls Head movement took down a dishonest government, elected yours & said no to an immensely powerful multi-billionaire. It was a message sent loud and clear by the people of Nova Scotia. Now Owls Head needs to be legally protected, as do all parks to shield them from any future bad actors. Please do so immediately.

The Eastern Shore has world-leading potential for ecotourism. The 100 Wild Islands aka “the Galapagos of the Atlantic” alone would attract people from around the world. Couple it with finally instituting the plans put forth long ago with the Eastern Shore Parks System and it could be part of a comprehensive eco-tourism Disneyland. I’d be glad to promote it.

Please use the indispensable resources available with the Save Owls Head group. This group ran one of the biggest, most successful grassroots campaigns in the province’s history and is a gold mine of experience and diverse, practical knowledge. You’d be well advised to contact them to help keep ahead of the curve with the imminent paradigm shift to green economies across the globe.

– Greg Taylor, Halifax Trails

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