Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Ian Guppy
The Chronicle Herald
February 25, 2020

Re: Your Feb. 21 front-page news story on protesters rallying to save Owls Head park. It is good to see this important issue of our government’s secret delisting and removal of Owls Head Provincial Park from Nova Scotia’s Parks and Protected Areas Plan receive the coverage it deserves. However, ironically, this is undermined by an inaccurate account of the number of participants at the rally. I attended and would estimate, based on that experience and counting people in post-event photos, that the crowd was easily twice the size than what was reported.

Owls Head Provincial Park is a unique and beautiful place. We have very little public land in Nova Scotia, let alone along our coast. This, together with its high conservation value, makes it a priceless coastal public property. We need to stop the government’s sale of this land to private interests. For the future of Nova Scotia and the planet, I hope this is the path we take.

Ian Guppy, P.Eng, Halifax

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