Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Karen Schlick
The Chronicle Herald
January 5, 2021

It’s mind-boggling trying to think of where to begin in response to Bill Black’s Jan. 2 column on Iain Rankin and his bid for the provincial Liberal leadership.

Therefore, I will limit myself to the quoted statement that Mr. Rankin doesn’t see any reason why an environmentally sensitive golf course couldn’t be built at Owls Head. He refers to the “local support” for said golf course.

This appalling statement comes from a former environment minister. I invite readers and Mr. Rankin to check the Owls Head website (saveowlshead.org) and become more informed about this valuable and unique environment.

Meanwhile, I’d like to point out that thousands of people are opposed to a golf course in that location. I’m not seeing that kind of support for destroying what was listed for many years as a provincial park, nor for selling off a rare stretch of Nova Scotia coastline to an American billionaire at rock-bottom prices.

Karen Schlick, Musquodoboit Harbour

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