We’d like to extend our thanks to Nova Scotia filmmaker Jerry Lockett, who is producing a series of short videos inspired by environmental advocates, scientists, and participants in the legal case. Together, concerned citizens can accomplish incredible things!

Bob Bancroft

Bob Bancroft is one of the applicants in the legal case to save Owls Head Provincial Park. He is a respected wildlife biologist who worked for the Department of Natural Resources for almost three decades. Bancroft is the current president of Nature Nova Scotia, a collection of 15 Nova Scotia naturalist organizations. He has turned to environmental advocacy in an effort to protect natural ecosystems and species at risk through conservation science.

Support Bob Bancroft’s efforts to protect Owls Head Provincial Park: take action.

Jamie Simpson

“The fact that they [the government] made this in secret without any public notice or opportunity to comment just had this gut feeling of unfairness to it,” says environmental lawyer Jamie Simpson of the decision to secretly delist and offer to sell Owls Head Provincial Park.

Simpson is representing applicants Bob Bancroft and Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association in the Owls Head Provincial Park legal case. They hope that this will prevent a dangerous precedent that would jeopardize other park properties and wilderness areas that are awaiting designation (legal protection).

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Paul Euloth

Paul Euloth is a retired parks and trails planner who worked for many years for the Province and HRM. Paul was the master planner for the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System, which is meant to include “Owls Head” as a natural environment park.

Paul participated in the community meetings and public consultation process that led to the final plans of the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System. These plans were endorsed by the communities of the Eastern Shore. All levels of government committed to these plans, too. Unfortunately, the Liberal government betrayed the Eastern Shore Seaside Park System by secretly delisting Owls Head Provincial Park.

Rachel Kendall

Biologist Rachel Kendall is wild about wetlands. Rachel is one of the dedicated scientists trying to raise awareness about this property’s many conservation values.

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