Letter to the Editor
The Chronicle Herald
Contributed by Peter Barss
November 15, 2021

Originally published here

There are many environmental reasons for saving Owls Head Provincial Park from private development. There is unanimous agreement among scientists and environmentalists that the park is a “globally rare” environment. 

But put that fact aside for a moment.

The land in question consists mainly of granite ridges that point to the sea. It is rugged land that has struggled to give life to flora and fauna ever since glaciers slowly scraped across it 10,000 years ago. 

It is a place where we can go and where future generations can go to be alone in nature, away from the comforts and noise of civilization. It is a place where we can experience solitude amid nature in its purest form. The opportunity to have that experience is as rare in today’s world as the environment of Owls Head Park.

By not saying, in the strongest terms possible, “Owls Head Provincial Park will not be sold” Tim Houston’s government is admitting that the sale is still an open question.

My question: why?

Peter Barss, West Dublin

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