JIM VIBERT: Finally, Nova Scotia hits land protection landmark, barely

All the sites in the Parks and Protected Areas plan – including the 20 announced this week – got there after extensive consultation, so the places in question have already cleared that hurdle once.

Plus, most folks living near those sites will likely be surprised to learn that they aren’t already protected, just as folks on the Eastern Shore were shocked to learn that Owl’s Head provincial park wasn’t a park at all, but prime real estate for a golf resort.

The Liberal government surreptitiously removed Owl’s Head from the Parks and Protected Areas list a couple of years back to clear the way for a golf development, unleashing a firestorm of protest that still rages on.

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JIM VIBERT: Mother Nature’s on the run in Nova Scotia

Beach Meadow

Jim Vibert
The Chronicle Herald
October 2, 2020

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As galling as the government’s bluster and bluff about protecting nature can be, more galling yet is the fact that much of the heavy lifting was done before they arrived in office. All they had to do was take credit for the work of previous governments, but when it comes to protecting nature they can’t, or won’t, even do that.

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Once a leader in conservation, N.S. now falls behind, report finds

“Owls Head is probably the most egregious example we have seen this year of the Nova Scotia government showing their disregard for the protected areas in this province,” says Caitlin Grady

Katie Hartai
Halifax Today
July 16, 2020

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Nova Scotia was once considered to be a leader in Canada for the creation of new protected areas, but in a new report, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) says that’s no longer the case.

The non-profit, which is dedicated to the protection of public land, oceans and freshwater, released its annual parks report, ‘Healthy Nature Healthy People,’ on Wednesday. The publication reviews the state of Canada’s parks, celebrating significant progress, noting slowdowns, and highlighting threats.

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Galvanized – A Letter by Linda Symonds

Nina Newington at Rally, photo Peter Barss

February 21, 2020

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of standing with other Nova Scotians who are opposed to your secret delisting of Owls Head Provincial Park from protected status to be destroyed by development.

Let me start by saying this. This has NOTHING to do with your favorite buzz words of “economic development.”

This is EVERYTHING to do with public trust. You have broken faith with Nova Scotians who have put their trust in you fully expecting that land that has been designated as worthy of protection is protected.

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