February 20, 2020
The Nova Scotia House of Assembly
Statements by Members
Lisa Roberts, MLA of Halifax – Needham (NDP)

“Mr. Speaker, I want to recognize the remarkable citizens from across the province, including the ones who are outside the Legislature today, who have mobilized to protest this government’s hidden decision to remove Owls Head Provincial Park from the list of pending protected areas.

I would also like to recognize many volunteers across the province who act as stewards and caretakers and who serve on associations and citizen groups with the aim of preserving and protecting special pieces of Crown Land.

Many of them are now feeling that their labour of years could be jeopardized by deals brokered in secret. The province held meetings in 20 communities and conducted nearly 1,500 interviews with park users and non-users to gather input that shaped the Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan. Owls Head is identified as site number 694; it is not just about hitting an arbitrary 13% of protection.”

Lisa Roberts, NDP
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