Information Morning: Michael Gorman

“He [Premier Rankin] has argued that he sees a way for golf courses and environmental protection to work hand in hand. That’s a bit tricky in this case. For anybody who is familiar with this land and has been out to see it, it’s hard to imagine a golf development without the land being basically carpet-bombed to make it appropriate for that type of a development.”


Information Morning’s First Interview with Premier Iain Rankin

Newly sworn-in Iain Rankin joins Information Morning to talk about what’s on his to-do list as Nova Scotia’s new premier and the challenges ahead.

“I think it is really important that we listen to the community. There is an engagement plan that I don’t believe has been submitted yet by the proponent. I am really recommending they get going with that. And that does need to be approved by government, so that it is truly objective and hears all views.”

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Michael Gorman Interviews Residents in Favour of the Golf Course and Gary Burrill

Owls Head golf proposal could bring much needed economic development, supporters claim.

CBC’s Michael Gorman interviews Margaret Stevens, Seldon Keating, and Ronnie McKay, local residents that live near the proposed golf course development at Owls Head Park. Then, Michael Gorman hears from NDP Leader Gary Burrill about the Owls Head Act. We have transcribed some of the questions and answers below. You can listen to the whole interview here.

March 3, 2020
CBC Radio
Information Morning