Tim Bousquet
Morning File,
May 15, 2020
Halifax Examiner

Yesterday, Chris Miller, of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, received a stack of documents in response to a Freedom of Information requested related to the provincial sale of Owls Head, and tweeted about them.

You’ll recall that Owls Head, which was once listed as a potential future provincial park on the Eastern Shore, and which includes an area with a “globally rare” ecosystem, was delisted as a provincial property that will receive legal protection, so that it can be sold to a company called Lighthouse Links Development, which wants to turn it into a golf course.

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Source: https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/featured/a-filthy-rich-american-wants-to-profit-from-turning-owls-head-into-a-golf-course-and-he-apparently-wants-the-canadian-taxpayer-to-subsidize-the-effort/


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