LTE: Unfinished Homework

Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Lindsay Lee
The Chronicle Herald
October 7, 2020

Voice of the People – October 7, 2020

Unfinished homework

Lands and Forestry Minister Iain Rankin teased that he’d be making an “exciting announcement” on Monday. Here are some truly exciting announcements that he could (and should) have made before declaring his intention to run for premier

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LTE: Very Slippery Slope

Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Verna Higgins
The Chronicle Herald
August 8, 2020

Very slippery slope

All Nova Scotians should be aware that, in 2013, our province published an “Our Parks and Protected Areas” map for comments by the public. 

Owls Head Park appeared under the heading “Park Lands for Review” along with 281 other parks! That list included such well-known provincial parks as Wentworth, Porters Lake, Martinique Beach, Five Islands, Blomidon Lookoff and Taylors Head.

If Owls Head is sold, which of the others might be next?

Verna Higgins, Middle Musquodoboit

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Photo by Susan Vickery

LTE: Steeped in Secrecy

Owls Head Map

Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Beverlee Brown
The Chronicle Herald
August 7, 2020

When did “secrecy” become the provincial byword for the governing Liberals? 

There is a review of Northwood and its recent COVID-19 problems going on, but we’ve been told the results will be mostly kept secret. Confidentiality is needed in order to protect those named in the review. Wouldn’t it be easier just to not publish their names? 

And then there’s Owls Head and the delisting of that area as a reserve in order to quietly sell that land for a golf course. That’s not the premier’s land to sell, especially by changing the rules behind the scenes. It belongs to the province and therefore to the citizens. There should have been a transparent process. If the deal is a good one for Nova Scotia, then secrecy wouldn’t have been needed; a public meeting on the proposal should have been the way to go, allowing full knowledge of the province’s intentions.

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JAMIE SIMPSON: Up to citizens to challenge government when laws not followed

Rally 2/20/2020 - photo Peter Barss

Contributed by Jamie Simpson
The Chronicle Herald
June 3, 2020

Thank you for the thoughtful editorial in Wednesday’s paper (“EDITORIAL: Judge to province: Listen to the Lorax,” June 3), and for drawing attention to Justice Brothers’ decision regarding the Department of Lands and Forestry’s systemic and chronic failure to fulfill its legal obligations under Nova Scotia’s Endangered Species Act. Combined with the recommendations of the Lahey Report, which stressed the need to adopt an ecological approach to forestry, the department has an opportunity to reinvent itself and let go of the outdated (and reckless) “clearcut, plant and spray” ideology. 

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LTE: No Respect

Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Peter Barss
The Chronicle Herald
June 3, 2020

This province wholeheartedly endorses open-pen fish farming that contaminates our bays with chemicals and fecal waste. It is engaged in a deal to sell off Crown land at Owls Head so a rich American can build three golf courses. It sees no problem with waterways polluted by gold mining. And it clearcuts large tracts of forest, including old growth stands.

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LTE: Nova Scotians Gradually Losing Access to Shores and Beaches

Letter to the Editor
Contributed by Lindsay Lee
The Masthead News
March 11, 2020

Picture this.

The ocean breeze is blowing through your hair. Imagine the feel of sand underneath your feet as you listen to the waves lapping against the beach. Think back to days spent sailing in the bay or walking along a rocky shore. You are building sandcastles, watching the fishing boats, looking for sea glass, or collecting shells.

Can you imagine life in Nova Scotia without these things?

No, neither can I.

When we open our eyes, we see that more and more of us are losing access to our shores, as land that the public has enjoyed for generations is being sold to the highest bidder.

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