A Letter from Halifax Trails

Greg Taylor is the creator of the popular website Halifax Trails. For more than a decade, the site has offered photos, maps, and detailed guides to help people embark on their outdoor adventures. Greg Taylor was recently featured in a CBC article. He’s been an unwavering supporter of the Save Owls Head movement and recently sent the following letter to Premier Houston.

As a local eco-tourism guide, I can speak to you from experience that our parks and nature areas are extremely valuable. I get hundreds of thousands of visitors to my website every year who are looking for authentic outdoor adventures. Nova Scotia’s natural beauty constantly goes viral on social media and people from around the globe contact me for more info. If we build it, they will come. Eco-tourism needs to be what leads NS into the future and can be kickstarted by redirecting current subsidies of dead and dying, polluting industries that keep us chained to economics from the past.


RICHARD BELL: Lighthouse Links Folds After Province Demands Serious Public Consultation

The Cooperator has learned that Lighthouse Links withdrew from the letter of Offer to purchase Owls Head Provincial Park and convert it into a luxury housing development with a few golf courses after learning that the province had determined that the company’s plans for public consultation were inadequate, and that the province would require a more thoroughgoing public consultation process.


Carbon and Conservation

Why Our Elections Need to be about Hectares, Not Just Climate Change

We need to conserve this nation with every bit the vigor we apply to climate change, and our government will not – in fact it cannot – succeed in either case without robust public engagement. So, while each of us reconciles our carbon footprint, with electric cars, vegan diets, heat pumps and solar panels, we must also identify those remaining patches of wilderness we’re willing to fight for, and insist they one day constitute our 30 per cent by 2030. Then we need to go find more.


Internal email shows bureaucrats worried Owls Head talking points were misleading

In his written opinion, file investigator Darrin White took issue with the department’s decision to hold back the documents in the first place.

“The public body failed to properly exercise its discretion and, knowing that public interest and scrutiny was high, did, in fact, use its discretion as a means to withhold information it knew was important to the public.”

… The department appeared to recognize the importance of the information held back because it cited that as a reason for the redaction, he wrote.